10 Seconds of Courage can be the start of your life changing moment.
— Nadine Champion | Author of "10 Seconds of Courage" published by Allen & Unwin 2017

ABOUT | Nadine Champion

Speaker   |   Author  |   Martial Artist

Nadine Champion is an inspiring international keynote speaker, author and awarded martial artist with over 30 years' experience. She has successfully fought and won many battles in her life – from title fights in the ring to overcoming cancer. An acclaimed motivational speaker, her 10 Seconds of Courage TEDx Sydney talk is regarded as “one of the most memorable of all time”.

Nadine always loved the film The Karate Kid and has dedicated twenty years to learning profoundly life changing lessons from her own Mr Miyagi style teacher – Benny “the Jet” Urquidez, an undefeated World Champion fighter. She is passionate about using the knowledge she has gained through martial arts as a metaphor for life - to transform the way people think and feel about themselves.

Nadine is a respected teacher known for creating a high-performance mindset in people from all walks of life. Her passion is to challenge individuals and organisations to change their thinking to reach their highest potential. Armed with a zest for life born of authentic lived experience, Nadine uses her own inspirational story to ignite resilience and courage in others. Her dream is to build a community of people using 10 Seconds of Courage to reach their highest potential.

Nadine received a B.Soc.Sc (Criminology) from the University of New South Wales, has a penchant for sausage dogs and lives in Sydney, Australia.




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